Hello Everyone!

For those of you who do not know me, I am Cameron Batchelor, a junior geology major at Appalachian State University who had the grand opportunity this past summer (August 2014) to travel to Mongolia to conduct geologic field work with my two research advisers, Dr. Sarah Carmichael and Dr. Johnny Waters, and an international group of geologists called “IGCP 596 & 580.” This blog covers the research I do, the experience I’ve gained, and the things I’ve learned from my years studying geology at Appalachian State University. Here’s a photo to kick things off:


This is the group of people I was able to give my first ever professional geologic talk to-and the group of people that I grew so close to while out in the Mongolian field for 10 days. Every person in this photo touched my heart in different ways, and I learned so much from everyone. The experience would have not been the same without them! Shout out to the IGCP GROUP 596 & 580, miss you!! You guys all ROCK!!! 🙂 (which means a lot coming from a geologist!)

Read more below to find out why all of these people are amazing-and why geology and research are BEYOND AWESOME!


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